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Default A prime number "game of life": can floor(y*p#) always be prime?

An old pet project of mine, revamped.

If it's in any way possible I would like to turn this into a fully-fledged arXiv paper, so any suggestion on how to proceed with the work in the attachment is highly appreciated.

"In this paper, the author discusses the existence of a real number y such that q = \(\lfloor\)p#*y\(\rfloor\) is a prime number for every p \(\geq\) 2."

You may berate me for any technical or formal errors or glitches, obsolete or false statements, inappropriate verbiage or lack thereof, or for opening a new thread (in my defense: this time with a fitting title, and gravedigging is considered rude just as well) - but remember that beraten in German means to discuss or give advice.
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