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Question Search for a number theoretic function related to "prime divisor sums"

Hi all,

does anybody know a number theoretic function similar to the divisor sum, but which only sums up the divisors which are prime?

For me a function would be interesting, which builds the

1. Sum over p/x for all primes p which divide x where p<>x


2. Sum over p for all primes p which divide x where p<>x (the same as aove * x)

Of course I could invent this function myself, but I hope that it already exists and maybe there are already some interestings fact known about this function which I could use :o)

I am especially interested in Numbers x which have a Sum (1.) >= 1 in the function mentioned above (or 2. >= x). Does anybody know something about such functions or such numbers?

Thank you in advance


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