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i think there's one reason a prime would not be written in the general primes.txt:

if one client found a prime and writes it into that file it will be locked and a second client found a prime the same moment could not write the same file: perhaps an error like 'file not found' should occur.
i'm thinking of a later optimization about the primes.txt:
show the client in that file,too!
how to: the llr-clientconfig.txt contains an option 'serviceName' and i named them like "LLRnet-G 995x" with x the number of the core/client. so the primes.txt looks like:

[2010-02-18 00:25:38] LLRnet-G 9951 found 2001 58406

i'm with the test with my Vista Quad. hope all test are positive, so we can provide it to our standard users (not much by now, but if this works, perhaps there'll be more again).
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