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OK, guys, here's the timeframe:

It's 1:45 PM CST here now. I've had a good night's rest and am going to go eat some breakfast now. :-)

At about 2:15 PM I'll start copying the latest client to all of my Linux machines. I've got the equivalent of about 3 Linux quads on CRUS right now so I won't bother those for now. But that still leaves 8 Linux quads for this test. This process will take take about 30 mins.

So at ~2:45-3 PM, it will take me ~20-45 minutes to set up the servers with the proper test cases. I'll also create a 2nd test server for this, which will save quite a bit of time and allow specific situations to be tested more easily if there is a problem with one of them.

So the bottom line is that I'll start the cores up around 3:30 PM CST. That would be around 10:30 PM in Germany.

Nice work on the test cases Karsten. That's exactly what I like to see. I will be testing every one of those situations. I'll put something like 60-70 primes at the beginning of one of the tests so that each core is likely to get more than one prime. I want to see it write to the prime file with more than one prime per core all combined into one big primes file on a machine. That will be interesting. It's important that it works if primes come in from 2 different cores at the same time. I don't want to see it overlay itself if that happens and inadvertantly drop a prime.


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