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Ian, can you please post here some more details.
I ran some CRUS stuff thru a test. 4 cores - range was from n=2.5K to n=10K about 9500 tests in all. I had 2 cores doing 5 tests each in a cache and the other 2 cores doing 100 tests each in a cache. I stopped them many times and restarted them with no problems. I even made sure I had 2 cores looking for work at the same time. I even tested all 4 error messages at the end of the script and each message showed up when it should have and the tests restarted where they should have. Found 3 primes and ran them against PFGW to verify.

I also ran about 1500 tests against the NPLB setup that came with the download. There I had a cache of 100 tests. Even found a prime on that one.

At the present time I don't have any cores available to test anymore. I'm trying to cleanup my CRUS stuff so that I can go back to NPLB and the upcoming k>300<400 drive. Time to go prime hunting again.
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