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As part of my goal for this year, aswell in order to make sure my computer is not running idle while away on 3 weeks vacation some 4 weeks from now, I've decided to reserve 679 different Riesel bases with 1 thing in common, they all have k<=100K. All bases should be reported as completed in the end of this year. Also all bases will be tested to n=25K or proven. Already as I speak, 14 bases has been tested and 10 has been proven

This also means, that the Sierp base 63 reservation will still run, though it will only run in idle mode, so during nighttime and awaytime from the computer, the Sierpinski base 63 reservation will get full attention. Hope that everyone is alright with this new approach

Also I'll start by knooking down the riesel conjectures with the lowest predicted k-value.



Ps. Will frequently return my output results to Gary, as more and more bases gets completely proven or tested to n=25K
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