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KEP had mentioned testing base 781 with PFGW for primality proving. That got me curious because so many k's on this base have trivial factors. So I checked the conjecture of it and it is k=528 with a covering set of {17 23}.

Seeing that there were only ~120-130 k's that would need to be tested after eliminating all k==(1 mod 2), (2 mod 3), (4 mod 5), and (12 mod 13) that had trivial factors, I decided to give it a whirl.

It's not bad at all with just 2 k's remaining, k=346 & 370, at n=3K.

Based on this and my earlier test of k=4 on Sierp base 242 to n=3K, I will reserve all 3 of the k's on these 2 bases up to n=10K.


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