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Originally Posted by KEP View Post
A little correction:

I'm currently sieving Sierp base 3 for k>100M to k<=200M. Sieving is pending resumption, due to lack of availeable cores. However ranges remaining will be completed in 6-9 days. And sieving will most likely resume in 2-3 days and then run uninterrupted up to p=150G!



I can't keep the bases straight! I guess I should just look at my own web pages! lol Since KEP is sieving Sierp base 3 instead of Riesel base 3 for k=100M-200M, we will only start "Mini drive Ib - Sierp base 3" for k=50M-100M sometime on Tues.

Because it is only a k=50M range, it will be easier to administer the entire range of n=25K-100K so there will be no need to any "pre"-testing up to n=40K.

It's only the k=100M range drives that we will run for k>100M on both Riesel and Sierp that we'll need the pre-testing done to make them easier to administer.

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