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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
Oops. I realized you made a statement here that was unrelated to the next question that you asked about sieving.

Yes, when KEP is done sieving Riesel base 3 for k=100M-200M, I'll send you n=25K-40K to test for that range. Then we'll start "Mini-drive II - Riesel base 3" for n=40K-100K. That will save my sanity greatly!

A little correction:

I'm currently sieving Sierp base 3 for k>100M to k<=200M. Sieving is pending resumption, due to lack of availeable cores. However ranges remaining will be completed in 6-9 days. And sieving will most likely resume in 2-3 days and then run uninterrupted up to p=150G!


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