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Originally Posted by Flatlander View Post
I'll do it. (Unless this is now not the most efficient way, it light of Karsten's scripts? Perhaps it's now more efficient if I started with n even lower, using the scripts?)

Is it time to rename and unsticky this thread?

KEP has done all the sieving for Sierp base 3 k=50M-100M for n=25K to 100K. I know he's fully sieved for n=25K-50K and need to check if he was high enough for n=50K-100K. Regardless, in the next 2-3 days, I will start "Mini drive Ib - Sierp base 3" and post files up to either 35K or 40K depending on demand. After that all drives will be Roman numeraled like Mini drive II, Mini drive III, etc. for k=100M-200M, 200M-300M, etc. We'll run both Riesel and Sierp that way k=100M at a time unless something drastic changes as a result of Karsten's scripts.

KEP is also still in the process of sieving Sierp base 3 for k=100M-200M. With Micha sieving somewhat further on Riesel base 3 for k<100M for n=60K-100K, I think we're good on sieving for a while. But if you wanted to do some sieving for a while, you could work on Riesel base 3 for k=100M-200M.

Micha, were you about finished sieving Riesel base 3 for k<100M for n=60K-100K? Whenver you send me an updated file, I'll post some files in the Riesel effort for n>60K.

After a couple of responses to this post, I'll unsticky this thread and rename it to "Mini drive Ia - Sierp base 3".


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