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Thumbs up Automated PRP using LLRNet

After around 2 weeks of testing, we have an LLRNet server ready for automated PRP testing Thnaks to ltd for setting up the server alongside PSP.

What do you need to do to participate?

1. Download the LLRNet client from The client is currently available only for Windows (EDIT:- As of 15 Oct, we have a linux build out, thanks to arminius). This is a patched version of the official LLRNet build, since we had to make some changes to allow base 5 PRP.

PS:- LLRNet only works on x86 and compatible machines.

2. Extract the zip file to a folder. Edit the llr-clientconfig.txt with your favorite text editor. Change the following lines:

-- server location
server = ""
-- Port for Riesel Server
--port =   12925
-- Port for Sierpinski Server
--port =   12920

-- username
--username = "nobody"
Uncomment the suitable "port" line to connect to either Riesel or Sierpinski queue. Uncomment the "username" line and put your user nick there.

3. Run llrnet.exe! You can open a console window using the tray icon and watch the client chugging away.
[For linux, run llrnet]

4. Watch the stats at

If you need to run multiple instances of the client, just create separate folders and run from there

Since the client has been tested on only a couple of machines, you may face some hiccups. Please post any issues you face here. We'll try to work it out.

Users who are familiar with LLRNet might notice the absence of remotegui.bat. Currently, our llrnet build doesn't support the remote gui functionality. However, we do have a workaround. Please PM me if you need it.

Happy crunching!

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