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Without some systematic strategy among the players I see no way for the second player to have guessed successfully. Again, does the first player WANT the second player to guess correctly? The problem statement SAYS that all other players CAN guarantee a correct guess but then asks for a strategy for the first player. Is this a strategy to HELP or HINDER the second guesser?? And without communicating among themselves, how does that even help?
the only way I see right now is if everyone in the group realizes that in summing 4 numbers between 1 and 6 the most common sum is 14 if everyone guesses off that then:

z+x+y=14-a assume player one guesses 5
9-(x+y)=z so player two knowing the two in front of him can safely say his number is such and such based on the knowledge about 14 and player 1's guess. though I guess this is still a probabilistic way at best.

so since it's asking for a function I'm guessing f(a,x,y) means 14-(a,x,y)=z is my best guess but I'm stupid. and I still don't even understand the answer format other than involving w^3 digits for 1-w.
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