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What terrible wording. "Please provide your answer as a list of 216 digits, 1-6 for a guess and 0 for illegal cases"

What on earth does that even mean? In any kind of graded school work a person would get wrecked for wording it like that. Sure they explain it later but there must be a smarter way to explain it the first time.

The game isn't explained much better. It requires a lot of extra thinking and assumptions and I call bullshit on anyone saying that it's deliberately clouded.

Clearly a player should not be able guess one of the numbers they see because that would make it impossible for one of the others to win (because they aren't allowed to guess the same number twice). I'm going to assume this is one of the hidden rules...

The game probably does not loop back around for the same reason. Although it could go until nobody can guess.

Does a player benefit from others losing? Does a player benefit from others winning?

Do the players know if a previous guess was right or wrong?

This looks like a shitty version of classic examples of game theory.
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