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Hi Karsten,

I'm running the Windows DOS client for the first time on my Windows I7. It appears that the option to change the output iterations is not working. I even tried tweaking the code and it didn't work.

No matter what I do, it will not write that line to the llr.ini file that allows it to be changed. Instead it keeps writing out that annoying line every 10,000 iterations with a percentage complete. Even testing at n=~550K, it fairly quickly fills up the screen because there's no way to make the DOS window wider.

I'd like to set it to 1,000,000 iterations like all of my other clients. Can you help?

Edit: I just noticed something. It corrects itself after the first batch, writes the line to llr.ini, and stops outputting every 10,000 iterations. I'm surprsied that me trying to move the statement ahead of the "if" statement right ahead of it did not fix the problem. So it is a more minor bug than I originally thought but it still is a bit annoying.


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