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Prime95 tests 52955*2^198566-1 with a maximum roundoff error of 0.344 using a 15K AVX FFT. That's high, but no where near dangerous. A bit strange that LLR is getting a much larger roundoff error.

{"status":"C", "k":52955, "b":2, "n":198566, "c":-1, "worktype":"PRP-3", "res64":"F3DFDEE863FF14C1", "residue-type":1, "fft-length":15360, "error-code":"00000000", "security-code":"44C96115", "program":{"name":"Prime95", "version":"30.4", "build":9, "port":4}, "timestamp":"2021-02-28 18:48:12", "errors":{"gerbicz":0}, "proof":{"version":2, "power":5, "hashsize":64, "md5":"7135b3cf6e5b3aa2519302b4faa66f39"}, "user":"gw_2", "computer":"x64-debug"}

Edit: My bad. That was with 64-bit prime95, testing 32-bit prime95 now.

Edit2: 32-bit prime95 also reports roundoff of 0.344

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