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Those things are not easy to do.

I am not a fan of Syd either (more specifically, his way to maintain things and his non-communicative person), as I mentioned in some previous posts (the authentication on that site still sucks, and I can login like almost anybody else, which still means nothing, as your work is not credited to you anyhow).

But to be objective, "flooding" of the DB is, most of the times (with only few exceptions of deliberate vandalism or stupidity), accidental. That is because how the DB works, if you look for formulas, it will try to generate the series for you. For example, one user tries "3n^2+69" or other stupidity which is very simple, but pick random constants with a low probability that somebody else tried in the past, and voila!, the DB is filled with over 3000 small composites, because it will try to generate them as high n as you look for, and all of them shatter in smaller pieces. Cutting off those features will be even worse (I use it myself many times, looking for CRUS sequences or aliquots, and it is indeed a VERY useful feature).

So, you would need a kind of very clever algorithm to parse your formulas and know when to fill the DB with all those things and when not. The "wrench" method is way easier to implement: the authentication and crediting the users properly, similar to what PrimeNet and thousands of other sites do (damn, no technical forums around, like stackexchange, etc, would let you post comments to other posts unless your "credit" is high enough, like 50 or so, which is not easy to get!), and allow only "trusted" users (i.e. those who do really work for the DB, like factoring, proving primes, etc) to create more than "n" indexes per "time unit" (n and t to be chosen by the admins). And we are back to my pain, haha, crediting system...

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