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Originally Posted by junky
the important thing to care of is just to make sure the "real %" is still growing up :)
we still keep crunchin' and we'll continue for this week too. We'll have a surprise next week, woohoooo.
I'm making progress on the stats front

There seems to be something wrong with the stats summary data on and about 13th August, though I'm damned if I can see anything wrong with the data. At the moment, (19:56 UTC) I'm adding stats data files one at a time and seeing what works. It appears that we are significantly over 90% completed. This summary, which is what the web page displays, tallies well with our analysis of the complete raw data.

As said earlier, the raw data is in good shape. It's the summary data which is munged into the web page display that has become curdled somehow. Once we find out exactly how it's curdled, we should be able to correct it.

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