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I have got a proxy behind my server~
I've read the readme.txt and it did specifically say that


For the latest information on this and other networking issues visit
the FAQ at

Create a file in the same local folder as Prime95.exe, called "primenet.ini".
Add these text lines, substituting the appropriate proxy server URL and port:

[PrimeNet Proxy]

If the proxy is secured by a userid/password, add the following two text
lines, substituting the appropriate values:


After the first time PrimeNet is contacted through a secure proxy, the proxy
password is encoded and a new parameter 'ProxyMask=1' set. To change the
password, simply change the ProxyPass= value, and either delete the ProxyMask
text line or set ProxyMask=0.

I did all of that but I still can't log in -_-
I wonder if I did it wrongly though~
All I did was just copy the 'prime.ini' and rename that copied file 'primenet.ini' as i erased the content and just add whatever's required~

So yeah~
Could anyone help me on this?
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