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Hi HiddenWarrior, your ftp site wasn't accessibel for me. But no worry, I'll just use your admin mail, and mail you from my g-mail account. The current projection on how long it will take, to do the first round of tests, is 5½ - 6 month, but thanks to the program I've used to find the exponents, I can easily split the job to other voulanteers, since the job is already split in 100 files containing 50,000 primes to test. Hope it helped, and btw., it wouldn't bother me, to send you or anyone else interested the exponents between 600 million and (1024^3*2)-1, such as you can make them workable and start working on other ranges.

My e-mail is kenneth010982 @ if you should feel like wanting to e-mail me.
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