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The 500M-600M range is untested. As I know nobody except user MOO has any interest on this range (as still many work with 255M-497M). So I think You can freely take this one. I'll post here a notice that range is taken by You.

When done or periodicaly You can e-mail results to me ( yxine @ ) or any other way - but contact me by ICQ (479471) if possible...

Your questions:
3. No need to upload it here... just mail me, I have all statistics updated on-line, so I'll post it here as soon as any great improvements in testing progresses... Mail me just list of exponents with dividers. For all others You can just write till what bit level were they TF. Please, compress this list with zip or anything else!!!
4. factor3_2b.exe is preaty good! Prime95 has some difficulties sometimes to work with LMH >79.3. So I use factor3_2b.exe only...
5. When using P95 you can TF to x Bit if there is a line FactorOverride=x in prime.ini file (see help to the program)

That's all there is to eat. Regards!
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