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Originally Posted by ZFR View Post
And unlike TF, P-1 is better done on CPU than GPU, right?
There's some excellent GPU P-1 software available now. But Prime95/mprime (CPU) is by far the easiest to work with.

Originally Posted by ZFR View Post
So if I want to devote one of my CPU workers to P-1 instead of PRPs, I can just get a list from GPU72, copy it under that worker in mprime's worktodo, and that's it? B1 and B2 will be chosen automatically by mprime?
Contemporaneous P-1 work is available from both Primenet and GPU72. Know that GPU72 is currently working at higher ranges (105M) than Primenet (101M) for P-1 assignments. And so the work takes slightly more compute (and, thus, time).

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