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Originally Posted by Thomas11 View Post
Citrix, right now I'm on the leave for a one week vacation.
I will post them once I'm back.

In the meantime you may have a look here.
Thanks Thomas11.

I tried to write some code to generate these numbers on my own.
I extended the k's beyond 64 bits.

Using covering sets I have generated some of the lowest weight k's ever know (ultra-extreme-tiny low weight).
After sieving less than 1 candidate in 1 million remains. (close to 1.5 in 2 Million)

Here is one example. (I can share more if any one needs them)
Covering set=61130828015333178565632041818522446870

You can generate more k's by
k=k+covering set *y

I am currently working on y 1-10000.
I am using PFGW to sieve and factor

After sieving for the covering set only n=35346 (mod 103680) remain.

Feel free to reserve a range after the first 10000 if you like.
I have millions more of such k's if any one is interested.

It would be interesting if a prime can be found for such a low weight k.

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