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Overclocking varies *widely* - some CPUs are very overclockable (Celeron 300A/333A, Northwood Pentium IV 1.6/1.8/2.0s, K5-PR133s, Athlon XP2400+s), others don't overclock much if at all easily (Celeron 500/533 PPGA, non-Northwood P-IVs at 1.8+, K6-500s and up, K5-PR166s).

You need 4 things to overclock reliably, in addition to a CPU that overclocks well

1) Fast enough RAM.
2) Good cooling.
3) A MOTHERBOARD that works well at the FSB you want to overclock to.
4) A good stable power supply that has enough current capability to handle the HIGH wattage load (compared to normal) of the overclocked CPU.

Best bet is to usually ask someone with a machine similar to, or preferably the SAME as yours, who has overclocked it, how far they could go reliably and what it took to get there.
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