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Originally Posted by johnymccarthy

Do you have your P4's networked?

I have three AMD's of various speeds but only run my main m/c on Prime95 at the moment.

Is there a 'best' way to run 3 m/c's (only main m/c with internet connection, ) on Prime95?

Thanks in advance

There are several ways to do this. They all involve networking. The best one to use is a factor of money, knowledge, and ease of set-up.

The first thing you should know is that you are going to have to buy one network internface card for each computer. If I were you I'd buy the most common ones out there, either a Liknsys LNE100TX or a D-Link DFE530. Why? Because eventually everyone wants to try linux and these two cards can usually be set up automagically by most linux distributions. If you really don't care about linux, then any old card will do as they all will have Windows drivers.

On The Cheap

Here's what I did. I used my old Pentium computer and put two network cards in it. I set up a program called IPCop ( One network card controls the net connection to my adsl modem, the other card goes to my switch. The other computers connect to the switch as well. IPCop runs DHCP to assign IPs to all the computers on the network, it also shares out my net to all computers, acts as a firewall, and also, if you connect to the net using a modem, you can replace one of the network cards with it and it will dial out when needed.

This is the cheapest way for me cos I had most of the equipment already, but it is also the most complicated. The computer runing IPCop has to be on all the time for the other computers to use the net or even get a network address at all.

Ease Of Setup

Broadband Router

It's a box that connects to your dsl/cable modem and handles connecting to the internet and gives firewall protection. You then connect all of your 3 computers to it to share the net. In essence the router does everything described above, it's like having two network cards, a switch, and a computer all in one.

Happy Medium

If your internet computer runs windows xp it can already share the internet on a network using dhcp. You install two network cards in it, connect all computers together using a hub or switch and then use the Network Setup Wizard and bob's your uncle.


Router: $100 to $150 Canadian
Hub/Switch: $30 to $50 Canadian
Network cards: $15 to $25 each
Network Cables: Varies on length. Don't make your own unless you know what you are doing.
IPCop: Free. has lots of info.
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