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Originally Posted by fivemack View Post
...16e is a prodigious user of memory (about 4G virtual of which just over 1G used), so this may be more a project for people with clusters than for random home user - indeed, that might be a bit more of a strain on clusters than their administrators really want.
See the very beginning. Memory hungry. And slow, too.

When Tom says 4Gb - he means and 4Gb and a bit more, too. (and Win usually needs a big chunk of memory for itself.)
This is a project for the 21st century and we'll all have to tweak the tools first. It is possible (and ultimately desirable) that a modified version of the 16e siever will later fit (Tom, I think that for many ranges SCHED_TOL can be actually lowered from 2). But now just yet.
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