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This would be a Big Calculation with capital Big; 2.6 seconds per relation and we need half a billion, so 40 CPU-years. 16e is a prodigious user of memory (about 4G virtual of which just over 1G used), so this may be more a project for people with clusters than for random home user - indeed, that might be a bit more of a strain on clusters than their administrators really want.
Can you please post your polynomial file (including mfbr/a, a/rlambda) - I want to do some benchmarks on my PC (running on 32-bit Windows XP) to see if it would fit in 1 GB or if it needs more.

(BTW: my office box where I used to run my ranges in your factoring projects has got 1 GB RAM, so running 16e will be almost certainly too much if I am present and want to use word, excel, etc., but I will be out of office for ~2 weeks in the beginning of march and therfore can possibly run a small range with 16e in the meantime - iff it fits into 1 GB.)
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