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Well, I think McNabb is an okay quarterback. Right now, Steve McNair is probably one of the best in the game, atm.

P. Manning showed he has abilities in the win over the Bucs last night.

The race issue will come up from time to time. It takes the right combination of brains and brawn to be an elite quarterback. Who would you want leading your team 99 yards with 2 minutes left and the season on the line?

Michael Vick is out (for now), as is Dante Culpepper with Minnesota. Aaron Brooks is in New Orleans, Jeff Blake is at the helm somewhere, Kordell Stewart left Pittsburgh for Da Bears, and that's the QBs I can think of of African-American origin.

The media has to have a darling, the Redskins QB (Patrick Ramsey) seems like the second coming or something, if you listened to the announcers covering the game the other day.

Rush spoke his mind, it's what he does and gets attention, and what he gets paid to do. The media will have a favored athlete, regardless of skin color. It's as much about marketing as it is about talent.
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