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YAFU's quadratic sieve is quite a bit faster than msieve's. Edit: if you're in linux, and going to be doing mostly GNFS jobs, CADO is far superior to msieve/ggnfs. But if your jobs will be under ~94 digits, then YAFU-quadratic sieve is still the winner.

Did you do a previous job in this same folder? Both the error and the mismatch between the relations counts on these two lines:
63916 relations (17218 full + 46698 combined from 717970 partial), need 63475
Mon Jan 03 20:30:35 2022 begin with 96928 relations

suggest that some old data was in msieve.dat when you started this job, and that old data corrupted the new job.

If you erase all the temporary files after each job, I think you'll find this current composite will factor just fine.

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