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Some comments about the latest release:

1. It's probably a good idea to mention in whatsnew.txt that the Brent-Suyama extension has been completely removed. Or at least I'm assuming that's the case because it's not even mentioned in undoc.txt anymore.

2. You might also want to clarify that the new tutorial.txt file is in the source code package. I was about to post that the file is missing until I thought to check the Prime95 source code.

3. I ran the documentation through a spell checker and found some typos:


Line 560: "The most common errors message is [...]"

I assume you meant a singular "error" here.


Line 77: "This let's you do certifications [...]"

Line 101: "[...] if a hardware error has occured in the last [...]"

Line 640: "This may lead to more consistent benchmarks that are more indicitive of what will happen running [...]"

Lines 674-675: "This tells the program how wany workers are allowed to use lots of memory."

Lines 753-755: "[...] error check of doing each iteration twice and periodicly comparing residues. Set to 3 to force the much slower error check of doing each iteration twice and periodicly comparing residues."

Line 806: "In linux you can select [...]"

Should probably be capitalized.

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