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Default Nvidia 364.xx drivers returning incorrect results

Has anyone experienced getting wrong residues with Nvidia 364.xx with CUDALucas?
I recently went investigating for the reason why my Titan Z decided suddenly crapping wrong results out and the timeframe coincides with a driver upgrade (I am using Linux here).

Googling around, I found this thread which describes issues not too different from what I am experiencing right now. shows that Nvidia acknowledges some issues with compute with their driver.

I have no way to rollback drivers currently so I can't be 100% sure if my card could have crapped out.

If the driver turns out to be bad, could it mean that the "recent" CUDALucas and mfaktc results be wrong? The driver is already out for a few months now.

One important note: The results I get some of them were correct but quite a sizable portion were mismatchings which turned out to be wrong.

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