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Originally Posted by only_human View Post
Scott AAronson's blog, , says that while the paper introduces some thought provoking ideas, the only mechanism that occurs to him to fairly convey his hunch about the paper without being unfair to the author and without interrupting his vacation in Israel and Greece to do the hard work to back up his hunch is to offer a personal $200,000 supplement to the Clay Millennium Prize if the paper is right.

He says "I'm dead serious -- I can afford it about as well as you think I can"
I took a quick glance at the paper. It is a very serious effort.
The author pulls together some ideas from finite model theory and
the theory of random graphs (specifically, large random instances
of the Satisfiability problem) to show that large random instances
of SAT are not be solvable in P-time.

I intend to read this in detail. However, some of the aspects of the paper
are new to me as are some of the prior results used by the paper.
Reading it will take a MAJOR effort. (as well as reading some of the
referenced papers)
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