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I don't know. Although I would be surprised if the problem was resolved by this attempt, the paper looks reasonable, and Deolalikar has been active in the field for some time.

It passed all the standard not-a-crank tests easily: no positive crackpot index, typeset in TeX, 60+ citations including the relevant ones (e.g., Razborov & Rudich), no obvious mistakes in the first dozen pages (not my field -- just nothing glaringly wrong).

It also passes the Ten Signs a Claimed Mathematical Breakthrough is Wrong test. I'd like to hear an expert chime in on #5 and #3 when they finish reading, just as a sanity check. (This does *not* speak to the correctness of the final result, just its seriousness.)

Also, Stephen Cook says it looks like a serious attempt, and that's not nothing.
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