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Electricity wouldn't be that cheap if less would be consumed. It's not an honest calculation.

Originally Posted by cheesehead View Post
From the article:

I downloaded it -- all 1.72 megabytes of it.

You want to know what it says?

Summary: Turning your PC off every night saves energy/money. Lots of folks leave their PCs on at night. We can sell you software to automatically turn off all your company's PCs every night.

(No mention of Macs)

There are also a few interesting tidbits, one of which, slightly restated, is:

The energy used by the world's 1 billion PCs at idle in one night (that is, if the world's 1 billion PCs were all idle for one night, and one night = 14.5 hours) is about 11,100 times the average energy used by the Empire State Building in 24 hours.

Lessee ... that means that, on average ... the Empire State Building (which, presumably, has some PCs in its offices) uses about the same electrical power as ... 54,000 PCs at idle.

That's all??? Only 54,000??? And that's including the PCs in the building itself???

Well, that's 530 idle-PCs worth of electrical power per floor. I guess that's reasonable.
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