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Cool LLRnet/PRPnet rally Oct. 27th-Nov. 3rd

Hi everyone,

Our last rally, which lasted for a week, was rather well-received by its participants; therefore, we've decided to make our next rally a week-long one as well.

The rally will begin Wednesday, October 27 at 7:00 PM GMT and finish 168 hours later on Wednesday, November 3 at 7:00 PM GMT. For those of you who can't convert GMT to local time , that's 3:00 PM EDT and 2:00 PM CDT.

As last time, this rally will be focusing on the 5th Drive, our priority for the rest of the year (or until we finish it to n=1M, which will hopefully come first). That means LLRnet port 3000 and PRPnet port 9000, both of which should be in the vicinity of n=920K-950K during the rally. A prime at that level will come in around 550-600th place in the top-5000 list--a very nice find indeed.

LLRnet config info.:
server = ""
port = 3000

PRPnet config info.:
server = ""
port = 9000
Or, in terms of a prpclient.ini config line:

Be sure and change your userID to whatever ID you prefer. Most people use their ID here at mersenneforum. It is also best to set the cache to something in the vicinity of 2 to 10 pairs.

Info. for downloading the newest LLRnet client can be found at LLRnet supports LLR V3.8! (LLRnet2010 V0.73L).

Info. for downloading the newest PRPnet client can be found at PRPnet.

As a point of interest for those who might be new to NPLB and for others who haven't done any testing with us for a while, we have some milestones that we would like to shoot for in the near future. Please refer to our primes graph and drive progress as well as to our "Countdown meter". NPLB's goal all along has been to fill in holes in the prime search ranges for Riesel base 2. We'd like to get the dots in that k=300-1001 range fully extended to n=1M by year end 2011 so that they are closer to where k<300 (worked by RPS) is at. In targeting k=400-600 for the 4th consecutive time in this rally, we have set a relatively aggressive goal to have it tested completely to n=1M by year end 2010.

Last time PrimeSearchTeam blew everyone else completely out of the water, coming in at more than 10,000 k/n pairs more than ROLP, the second-place team. AMD Users came in 3rd place, and in 4th. Free-DC still didn't show up to reclaim their rally titles of old--perhaps the sleeping giant will wake up this time.

Additionally, we had a very interesting personal race between gd_barnes of ROLP and vaughan of AMD Users. Gary ended up taking the crown at 27477 pairs vs. 24056, but for a while there Vaughan had a rather higher output and probably could have won if he'd have brought all his cores earlier. Perhaps this time?

You guys ready to find some BIG primes?


Primes found during the rally:
prime            who          port     17 new & 2 confirmed
447*2^918282-1   MyDogBuster  3000
511*2^918351-1   jamers       3000
597*2^925356-1   Lennart      9000
507*2^926613-1   Lennart      9000
465*2^928115-1   MyDogBuster  9000 (confirmed)
475*2^931763-1   Lennart      9000
437*2^937580-1   jamers       3000
455*2^937606-1   PCZ          3000
511*2^943223-1   MyDogBuster  3000
507*2^945498-1   Lennart      9000
573*2^957476-1   PCZ          3000
481*2^958909-1   vaughan      3000
549*2^962377-1   gd_barnes    3000
537*2^965096-1   MyDogBuster  9000
437*2^978340-1   vaughan      3000
477*2^978625-1   PCZ          3000
403*2^981831-1   PCZ          3000 (confirmed)
471*2^984442-1   gd_barnes    3000
573*2^986514-1   gd_barnes    3000

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