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Once again, an example of why the failure, of those who advocated invasion of Iraq, to understand the potential consequences has led to that invasion's providing propaganda material for terrorists.

I predict that many Republicans will refuse to concede their role in bringing about the mess in Iraq, but will instead portray Obama's struggle to clean up the mess they made as some sort of failure on his part (just as many Republicans refuse to recognize Jimmy Carter's role in ending inflation, for which Reagan took undeserved credit).

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BTW, this reminds me of the question I have asked but have not seen answered, "How do conservatives define 'victory in Iraq'"? That phrase seems to be an example of conservative cowardice, pretending that their creation of messes (such as the current global financial crisis) are somehow not their reponsibility once the other party is brought into power by public disgust at conservatives' failures.

How do conservatives define "victory in Iraq", exactly --in a way that allows others to hold them responsible for their words and deeds?

It seems to me that it's just a handy campaign phrase with which some conservatives can pretend that "if only they were allowed" to pursue "victory" in Iraq, we could achieve "victory" -- hoping to divert attention from the fact that U.S. forces defeated the Iraqi army, occupied the Iraqi capital and other major parts of the country, and overthrew their leader, all within a few weeks in 2003, so that nothing further need be required for "victory". In World War 2, that trio (defeating the military, occupying the country, and deposing the leader) was exactly what constituted "victory".

Furthermore, conservatives derided Clinton for his nation-building efforts in the Balkans, so they can't honestly say it is necessary to complete the nation-(re)building in Iraq to achieve "victory", can they? (That is, unless they admit that liberals were right and they were wrong on this issue, for which few conservatives have the integrity and courage.)

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