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Default Odd Reporting of a Factor Found

Recently in my farm, one PC found a factor in an exponent but, although it apparently reported it, it remained in the Team Prime Rib account report, although it had been dropped from the PC's worktodo.ini file. This was how I spotted it, as that exponent was no longer updating while the others were updating.

To try to force that result to be reported, on that PC I unselected the "Use Primenet to get work and report results" option and then reselected it. This made the machine re-report ALL of the results in results.txt, as I was expecting. However, the result still did not show up in cleared.txt and the exponent was still shown as allocated to that PC.

I then entered the worktodo entry on another PC and made it run P-1 again to see if it would generate and report the factor correctly. It found the factor and claims (from prime.log) to have reported it, but it does not show up how I expected in cleared.txt. Also it has now disappeared from Team Prime Rib's account report.

The exponent was 10548491.

The first PC was Reboot_It153. I can get log files if required, but at a day or two's notice. Sorry I can't post excerpts here right now. In particular I haven't checked that the factor found is identical.

The second PC was Reboot_It180 and it reran the P-1 (with a higher memory allocation FWIW).

The worktodo.ini entry was DoubleCheck=10548491,64,1

Excerpt from results.txt on Reboot_It180:
[Tue Dec 02 22:44:26 2003]
P-1 found a factor in stage #2, B1=60000, B2=1050000.
UID: Team_Prime_Rib/Reboot_It180, M10548491 has a factor: 920450594378445935929195338068205567146965439
Excerpt from prime.log on Reboot_It180:
[Tue Dec 02 22:44:27 2003 - ver 23.7]
Sending text message to server:
UID: Team_Prime_Rib/Reboot_It180, M10548491 has a factor: 920450594378445935929195338068205567146965439
Sending result to server for exponent 10548491
Excerpt from cleared.txt dated 03 Dec 2003 12:00 (Dec 3 2003 5:00AM Pacific):
10548491  67  DF            114813042292255308481  03-Dec-03 02:49  Dummy_Results  dummy
Can anybody shed any light on what has happened? I have recently realised that I have extreme admiration for the capabilities of the data miners here (you know what I mean! ) but this may also be a client or a server issue.

Help, please!
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