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Generally on the display freezing front - any of the modern CUDA cards (GTX4xx, GTX 5xx) don't seem to have the freezing issues. I have a GTX460 using the TF CUDA app. And I'm having no display freezing issues. Only one issue is that if the display is doing something other than a static image (say playing a video or other 3d effect), the performance of the CUDA app can drop up to 20%.

I can even play top end 3d games (starcraft2) and the app is happily working away in the background using spare GPU cycles. The game played fine.

If money is an issue - you can always get something like a GTX460/560 and if the performance isn't what you expect, you can buy a cheap video card into the second slot at a later date.

BTW I should add I'm using a core i7-930 on win7 64bit.

-- Craig

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