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1. llrCUDA speed will probably improve multi-fold in the near future. It's still in the early development phase so there are a lot of "big" optimizations yet to be applied (if CUDALucas for LL tests has been any indication).

2. Believe it or not, strictly on the basis of the PCIe slots, the first (and cheapest) board looks best. Its x16 slot has its bandwidth all to itself (definitely important for a GPU) and the x4 slot also has full bandwidth as long as you don't use the second or third x1 slots. The second board is similar, except that all three x1 slots share bandwidth with the x4 slot (not quite as good). The third board should be OK as long as you don't plan on using the x8 slot at all. All in all, I'd go with the first one unless you plan to add more than one x1 expansion card (sound card, TV tuner, extra USB ports, etc.), in which case you'll want the third.
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