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k=301 is now at n=690K running on 2 cores.

k=323 is now at n=692K running on 1 core.

No primes yet.

I'm still going to n=1M with these. I'll probably add a core to them and combine their testing together at n=700K or 725K.

In other news, I made a sticky out of this (and unstickied another thread) because:

We only have 1 range left for completion up to n=480K on drive 3. Once we hit n=480K and all results and primes are verified, we will release additional k's for individual reservations for n>600K that had been previously (presumably) searched from n=480K-600K. More of these k's should not be so low weight so should have a good chance of prime for n=600K-1M.

Once drive 3 has completed to n=600K, we'll continue it for all remaining unreserved individual k's at that point for n=600K-1M.

One final thing...Ironbits had indicated at a previous time that he'll set up a "personal" server for anyone if they'd like. So if you want to reserve a k or two here and still run it through LLRnet, let him know and I'm sure he'll get you set up.


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