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Very happy here :)

1) a new computer
2) a new niece
3) and now a new LLRNET :>

so far only three tiny comments:
1) could you please put somewhere on the life/live? stat pages whether I am looking at sierpinski or riesel stats?
2) could you make llrnet verbose make so that I can change the update rate, as in, I might not like the default 10k iterations...
and could you also make it output each line on the SAME line? only when a new number is processed on a NEW line? Better
yet, make it an option too :>
3) how come lowest n untested is at approx 1k for all of them? or is this to do with DC'ing?

thanks, Micha

edit: oh come on... one such numbers isn't so much work... get to 100% so I can see my stats rising :>

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