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Originally Posted by firejuggler View Post
Can we ask you how much did that server cost you? around 12 to 15 k? $ £ €
That's actually a very good guess!

I paid:

AMD EPYC 7642: 5500 EUR
512 GiB DDR4 ECC 3200 MHz: 3100 EUR
Supermicro A+ Server AS-4023S-TRT: 1800 EUR
Fractal Design Define 7 XL: 200 EUR
1000 Watt Corsair AX1000 (80+Titanium) Modular: 230 EUR
Other parts (NVMe, heat-sink, fans, ...): 2000 EUR

Total: 12,830 EUR = 15,139$

With the knowledge that I have today I could have built the same system 3000$ cheaper. I wasted a lot of money on fans e.g. first I bought a lot of new Supermicro fans but they did not fix my cooling issue. Then I bought the new PC case along with high quality BeQuiet! fans. However these fans were not powerful enough and did not work well with my Supermicro mainboard. So in the end I had to replace them all with Noctua industrial fans that are far more powerful while still being relatively quiet.
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