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Originally Posted by alpertron View Post
So if you see in a passtime magazine the sentence fill in the blanks: 2, 4, 6, xx, xx, xx you would not write 8, 10, 12?
But this is NOT what you wrote. You gave a procedure, "add 2, then 4, then 6.... Repeat 30 times."
Nowhere in your specification of the procedure was there an indication that the addends were supposed
to KEEP increasing.

I am beginning to think that you have trouble writing clear, unambiguous English.

Come on Bob.
This was intended for the OP, not for you.
This is a forum one of whose purposes is the discussion of mathematics. We have an obligation
not to create possible confusion among newbies. This requires that we pose our questions with care.

With the sequence of 30 prime numbers, I asked the OP if all the terms in the infinite sequence are prime or not without calculator. Only reasoning.
Now I know that you can't write English. "prime or not without calculator" is not a grammatically correct phrase. It is nonsense.

What you mean is "prime or not without doing any calculation". or, "without using a calculator"

And you are missing the verb "determine", as in "determine whether all the terms........."

Learn to proofread what you write!

BTW, the discriminant is -163.
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