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Default Mlucas on Sparc -

I'm in hopes someone can help me.
Prob 1:
I'm running Mlucas on a Sparc box. I've run Mlucas with the -s m option, so it would generate a .cfg file, which it's done successfully. I've downloaded a test, and done a worktodo.ini file, with the content:

Mlucas starts, and runs, but I get an error message stating:
"INFO: Configuration file has invalid format - Using default FFT radices."

Can anyone shed any light on why the CFG file is bad, if Mlucas is generating it?
Prob 2:
Also, I have a blade server here, with 16 of the UltraSparc 2 chips .. the Mlucas I found will only work with Ultra 3's and above, and for whatever reason, I have been battling getting the Mlucas src to compile on the Ultra 2 chips unsuccessfully. With this server running all the time anyway, it seems like it would be at least another 16 CPU's working for the cause if I can get past this..

Thanks in advance..
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