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Originally Posted by jasong
Now assuming a square inch can take up a gigabyte(which I don't believe has actually happened yet, but probably will), the hard drive would take up 3.333...*10^20th power inches, which means
2.31...(481 repeated 5 times)...4*10^18 sq. feet, or 83032556201 sq. miles. The United States has an area of 3,619,969 sq. miles, which means the hard drive would cover a little more than 22937 United States.
... or, more practically, it could have 11469 two-sided platters, each of which is only 1 United States in size.

I was unable to find the sq. mileage of the earth, with or without water in my dictionary.
Surface area of a sphere of radius r = 4*pi*r2.

Mean radius of Earth is 3960 miles => ~2*108 sq. miles surface area.
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