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I really should've given more thought to this:

x/log x gives the answer of about 3.33333...^29th power.

Assuming a terabye is 10^12, that means it would take 1/3rd of a mega-tera-terabye. Now assuming a square inch can take up a gigabyte(which I don't believe has actually happened yet, but probably will), the hard drive would take up 3.333...*10^20th power inches, which means
2.31...(481 repeated 5 times)...4*10^18 sq. feet, or 83032556201 sq. miles. The United States has an area of 3,619,969 sq. miles, which means the hard drive would cover a little more than 22937 United States.

I was unable to find the sq. mileage of the earth, with or without water in my dictionary.

Would anyone like me to calculate how fast the edge of this hard drive would spin at 7200 rpms, lol?

Edit: error, I assumed every number took up a byte, but most of them are too big.

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