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Originally Posted by gophne View Post
So needless to say that besides the attempted proof of the "Twin prime conjecture", I am also working on an alternative primality check to the Lucas-Lehmer, which is showing great promise- I am working on the complexity of the algorithm at very large values in the ranges of the higher mersenne primes. The algorithm is a sieve/formulaic hybrid which I am hoping to air on this forum as well at some point, if I am not debarred from the Site before that as a Swengali!

This algorithm has proven to be true for the lower mersenne numbers primes (my assertion only), so is most likely, or shall I be bold and say "definitely", true for the higher mersenne numbers as well, I am just not sure of the complexity of the algorithm in terms of computational time required at the top levels/magnitude of the known mersenne primes.

I hope you know many variant and attempts have been found to be useless for the first paragraph. And for the second paragraph maybe read:

Or watch:
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