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I think amphoria's range is a must-do; do we wish to extend the range above 4200? We could run 4003 up to 4300 or 4400 starting at 800k, and also start a sub-drive to get 4201-4300 or 4400 'caught up' from top5000 cutoff to 800k.

My personal opinion is that the 9th drive is a bit big, so 4003-4199 sounds just right to adopt. If it goes quickly, we can start another one on 4201-4399 without much effort- and this also has the nice effect of having drives available at multiple n-ranges like we've done for so long.

So, how about a continuation of 7th and 8th drive k's at 1M, and also 4003-4199 at wherever it is now?
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