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Originally Posted by PCZ View Post
Good idea yoyo can put a wrapper around almost anything.
Sieving is a very manual process though how do you automate it ?
Guess it's been done before ?
It has indeed been done before, both by Riesel Sieve BOINC and by PrimeGrid. Probably it wouldn't be too hard to build off of their work (I doubt PrimeGrid would mind sharing their source code; they've done it before with their LLR wrapper).

Of course, if we ever do any sieving work through any sort of BOINC setup, we'd have to make sure of one thing: that whatever project we do it through isn't going to expect us to keep up a steady supply of work. Most of the time, NPLB does *not* have an active sieving drive; in fact, after this one is done, since we'll be all set up to n=1M on both k=300-1001 and k=1003-2000, we probably won't be doing that much more sieving for quite a while (or if we do, it will be as a somewhat minor side effort that we won't be dedicating much resources to for the time being). So, any BOINC projects that we may work with in the future for sieving will have to be prepared to treat our project's portion of their setup as a "standby mode"--i.e., it will be idle most of the time except for those brief periods when we need sieving.

All this considered, however, it is my opinion that at least at this point, doing BOINC even for sieving would be a lot more hassle and effort than it's truly worth (even with an existing BOINC project running it for us). I do believe that BOINC sieving is something to keep on the "back burner" for the future; however, for the time being it would be much preferable to continue to handle our sieving manually.

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