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Two things told me it was laptop:
First, model number is 5500. The desktop chips are 6xxx or 4xxx.
Second, 1.66Ghz is slower than any desktop part released except the 4300, a 1.6Ghz price leader. 1.66 was never released as a desktop speed. The 4xxx series are 800 bus speed, multiples of 200 for CPU speed. 6xxx are 1066 bus (6x50 is 1333 bus, recently released), so some odd speeds happen ending in 66.

Mine is a 6300 model, stock speed 1866/1066 bus. It's currently at 2840/1624 bus, and survived an expected 92F day today without AC or any errors. I love overclocking. Cruelty would be so proud.
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