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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
Sheep- I plan to be at 75T by 15 Nov. Start at 75T, and any work you get done will be a bonus. I know sr1 isn't the easiest for you to run, so perhaps just run on a small handful of cores? I'll send the appropriate sieve file for sr1 presently.

After 15 Nov, I'll sieve at about 6T/week until catching the big sieve at 150T.

Gary- I have the identical Athlon laptop CPU, except for 64bit linux instead of windows (it also has Vista, which motivated me to adjust to linux on laptop). Your Core2s also appear to be laptop chips, so the LLR timings you get are surprisingly quick (due to memory speeds and other power-related issues, a laptop and desktop chip of same speed and type are not equal). I'll run some k=5 on the Core2-2850 and see how fast the timings are (I predict 350 seconds at 610k, but that would not be a scaling of your speed).
You are correct. The machine that I'm running k=5 on is my Dell core-2 duo work laptop that I'm typing from right now. It's the only machine that I can see throughout the day and I like seeing up-to-the-minute progress of 'important' efforts like this. The other two Dell duos are my own laptops that I bought about 2 months after discovering these prime searching efforts because I liked my work laptop so much. (I think I'm going to wish I had waited and bought a super-speed quad like Carlos.) All the rest of my machines are my own except for one very older slow laptop (0.8 Ghz I think) that I borrowed from a friend that I only use for sieving in my all-twin effort.

Question...what about the CPU specs told you that it was a laptop?

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